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July 7, 2012

Did you ever  have the experience of going to a new school and wearing the wrong socks?  No one pointed it out to you; you just knew you weren’t like the rest of them.  Girls have a subtle way of sutting you out.  They raise their eyebrows, they talk among themselves, but they never do give you the common courtesy of telling you what you need to know. Boys would probably blurt it out and it would be over.  No, for girls, these socks of the new student will come with her again and again to school, providing secret laughs and superiority complexes for those who know the secret — that other one is different.

But socks are nothing. There is no evil intent implied by the wearer.  It is only ignorance, which can be supremely entertaining to others.

But what if you are an adult and you decide to take a stand against something you don’t like that others approve? Well, at least the adult feels morally superior and strong at first.  Then, there’s the fear. Suppose you tell a group of boys to leave a poor little cat alone.  Will they attack you?  Will they curse you out?

Finally, there is the case of committing a sin, a faux pas, against the ruling power of society at a particular time.  Hester Prynne did this and got the scarlet letter.  Is there anything in today’s world that would cause a knowledgeable adult to be shunted aside by others? What about George Zimmerman? What about a minister who insists on preaching about Hell when his congregation don’t want to hear it? What about a child molester?

Who are you comfortable in shunning?  Or do you not believe that society has the power to push away egregious actions of others?

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  1. Six very positive reviews have buoyed me up today! My book Shunned:Outcasts in the Land is finally up and running. There are many people out there who have been lulled into antidepressant usage and, when they try to get off the medicine, go through Hell.

    I’m looking for those people who have suffered to comment upon the book/or the blog. I can afford to give three paperback copies away if you can’t afford it. Cynthia Hearne Darling

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