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How Does It Feeled to Be Shunned by Others??

June 27, 2012

When I decided to write my book Shunned, I had been rereading The Scarlet Letter, and It made me wonder what actions could a person do today that would cause them to be shunned by their community.

I happened to hear a Baptist minister on the television speaking on Hell and Damnation, and the newsman said that his congregation had shunned him. This started my writing about a man named Amos who was shunned.

His wife was also shunned for pouring red paint over the sign of the big pharmaceutical company in the town because their son was fed a mixture of cocktail drugs when at college.

So, the book ended up being influenced both by Hawthorne and Upton Sinclair, who muckraked against the meat-packing industry, causing huge changes for the better.

Anyway, regardless of how many will read the book, I feel good about what I did!  Cynthia

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  1. I am beginning to get comments on my book Shunned:Outcasts in the Land. Not surprisingly, the major of comments are either pro or con about the use of antidepressants. I am a storyteller, and I tell real stories in fictional characters. If someone is going through the hell of antidepressant withdrawal, that is not fiction; the character is fiction. I am not a scientist – I am not writing for a medical journal. Maybe it’s not modest to say, but I consider myself a muckraker. I see something that needs to be changed for the sake of ourselves and our children. I am not apologetic. Cynthia Hearne Darling

  2. Three free books waiting for the first three persons to read this blog and leave an address and name to send a book. Cynthia

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